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DXY Is Getting Close To Support
By: Janne Muta - 17 April 2015

DXY, Weekly US Dollar Index (DXY) represents a basket of currencies in which the US dollar is valued. These include major currencies with different weights: EUR (57.6%), JPY (13.6%), GBP (11.9%), CAD (9.1%), SEK [...]

Crude Looks Like It Might Be Bottoming
By: Janne Muta - 16 April 2015

Crude oil and Inverted DXY, Daily In my analysis from February 5th I suggested that the crude oil could be close to levels it might bottom out. At the time I wrote: The price [...]

Weekly chart: Gold’s likely to move lower
By: Janne Muta - 15 April 2015

Gold, Weekly In my latest Gold analysis from March 18th I wrote: These levels are exactly the levels that attracted buyers in Q4 2014 which suggests that there might still be some demand for [...]

GBPNZD Ranging Above Support
By: Janne Muta - 14 April 2015

GBPNZD, Weekly The pair has just recently moved higher from weekly support level 1.9379 while another one supported price at 1.9244 sent price higher in the beginning of January. For the last three to [...]

EURAUD Bouncing Higher From Support
By: Janne Muta - 13 April 2015

EURAUD, Weekly The pair has been making lower highs and lower lows since December 2014 suggesting that the long term momentum is to the downside.  Unless the pair creates a higher low at 1.3725 [...]

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