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With more than 4 years of experience at the Central Bank of Cyprus where he obtained hands-on experience with real-life economics, Dr Nektarios Michail is a supporter of a balanced approach between science and art when it comes to trading opportunities across various asset types.

Which Moving Average Should I Use? – Part I

This is the first of a two series post on Moving Averages. In this post, we introduce the notion of moving averages and then...

Focus on ECB QE Talk

Focus on ECB QE Talk - SNB left interest rates unchanged as expected. The focus is turning to the ECB now. Click here to access the HotForex Economic...

Stocks in rally mode – GBP on the rise

Stocks in rally mode - GBP on the rise. Stocks rally on report suggesting China will grant more access to foreign companies, GBP rises...

Popping The Australian Housing Bubble

I know I've talked a lot about Australia (notably here and here), so I had decided I would stop for a while. Nevertheless, it...

Macro Events & News

FX News Today USDJPY has posted a nine-day high of 113.51, in what is a second consecutive day of gains. AUDJPY has concurrently printed a...

Fundamental FX Strategies: Trading Oil Price Swings in FX markets

Fundamental strategies focus on removing any sentiment and noise from the markets and emphasise on boil down to the, at time harsh, underlying economic...


Macro Events & News

GBPCAD breaks 2-day range

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Macro Events & News