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Trade Woes Weigh across the Board

NZDUSD, AUDJPY & AUDUSD, Daily US and China look set on a prolonged impasse on trade. The US on Sunday demanded promises of concrete changes...

AUDNZD: Will forecasts be reached for RBNZ?

AUDNZD, H4 and Daily The currency mover du jour is the Australian Dollar, so far, which rallied strongly after the RBA refrained from cutting interest...

AUDJPY Today’s biggest mover

AUDJPY, H1 AUDJPY is registering the biggest movement out of the dollar pairings and associate cross rates we keep tabs on, presently showing a 0.6%...

AUDNZD: Is it time to continue its 6-months path?

AUDNZD  AUDNZD has returned nearly all gains seen yesterday, by turning below 1.0350. While so far the prospect of ongoing support from central banks and...


RBNZ held the official cash rate at 1.75%, matching widespread expectations. RBNZ reiterated its pledge to keep the rate at the current level through 2019 and...

All about Aussie crosses

AUDUSD, AUDCAD, AUDJPY and AUDNZD In contrast with last week’s performance, Aussie crosses have trimmed some gains for a 3rd consecutive day, with the bigger...


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Macro Events & News

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