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China vs US

Three reasons why China may be confident in going toe-to-toe with Trump. Beijing would have the high ground in any currency war. The evidence...

GBPCHF: Brexit VS Endless “War” messages

Sterling has hit fresh trend lows against the Dollar, Euro and Yen, among other currencies. EURGBP buying has been the latest focus of Pound...

Palladium: Is it indeed going for a bubble burst?

Palladium, Daily & Weekly Spot palladium tumbled by more than 17% from record highs at $1,609.85 at the end of March, with the main catalyst...

Japan: The end of Fiscal year

Global growth increasingly appears to be resting on a one-legged stool, with Asia's economies facing exports slowing/contracting through the turn of the year and...

Ahead of Chinese Trade and Inflation data

As China has returned from the week-long Chinese New Year celebrations, it is ready to report some important indicators for its economic growth. January's...

China growth ahead of 2018 final data

China's economy lost momentum in 2018 and is set to slow further in 2019 as a weakening domestic economy intersects with the negative impact...


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Macro Events & News

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