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Oil Outlook

The Oil outlook remains under pressure as COVID-19 disruptions accelerates and with the OPEC+ agreement in tatters. Just to remind you at this point...

Live Market Analysis – Europe – March 23 2020

The Dollar, Yen, Swiss franc, and Euro, have outperformed while the commodity and many developing nation economies, especially those of export orientated economies and/or...

A Bearish Move for USDCAD?

Although fundamentals are not yet effectively forecast, prices have begun to show the rise in the USDCAD slowing down, in part because of a...

Morning Update – March 12 2020

  FX News Today - Wednesday washout is becoming Thursday fallout. Equities closed down 5% and now down 20% from February peak and in a...

FX Update – March 9 – Risk Averse Rules

USDJPY, H1 The Yen surged by over 4% versus the commodity bloc currencies; massive intra-day movements by the standards of trading in the prevailing era...

Oil shocks!

It looks like a black Monday as the collapse in oil prices triggered sharp reactions across forex, bond and stock markets. The breakdown in...


Macro Events & News

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Macro Events & News

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