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US Claims – 26 March – Video Analysis

US Claims 3.283 million new unemployed in a single week - Massive new record, previous biggest weekly claim was Oct 1982 - 0.695 million. How...

Gold keeps losing its shine

It's a global selloff in stocks and bonds as everyone wants cash, and in dollars at that, which is intensifying liquidity issues. The markets...

Live Analysis – March 17 2020 – USD on Bid

Talk of more stimulus from the US Government generates a spurt of USD buying as EURUSD breaks 1.1000, Cable moves under 1.2100 and AUD...

March 9 2020 – A new Black Monday

Oil prices crashed in Asia on Monday by around 30%, as Saudi Arabia cut prices aggressively after the collapse of the OPEC+ talks on...

Live Analysis – February 24 – Risk Off

Risk aversion has gone next level on news that the rate of spread of the COVID-19 virus outside China has increased, particularly in South...

No Relief for EURUSD

A spike in Covid-19 deaths and infections has seen a rise in risk aversion assets with the  Japanese Yen, Gold and the Swiss franc...


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USD sinks as CAD spikes

Macro Events & News

USA500 – The Bid Goes On

Mixed Footing for Sterling